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Abigail by KiraTheFox9999 Abigail :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 6 5 NOVA STYLE ADOPTABLES (7/12 OPEN) by KiraTheFox9999 NOVA STYLE ADOPTABLES (7/12 OPEN) :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 4 15 Mobius Origins: Stardust and Etheria [S2 Volume 1] by KiraTheFox9999 Mobius Origins: Stardust and Etheria [S2 Volume 1] :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 4 1 Ruby by KiraTheFox9999 Ruby :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 3 3 Announcement from my cutest character! by KiraTheFox9999 Announcement from my cutest character! :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 1 5 Rai by KiraTheFox9999 Rai :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 6 0 Koko by KiraTheFox9999 Koko :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 4 0 Alice by KiraTheFox9999 Alice :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 4 0 Iris by KiraTheFox9999 Iris :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 4 0 Rose by KiraTheFox9999 Rose :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 5 3 Kyra / Metal Kira by KiraTheFox9999 Kyra / Metal Kira :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 6 0 Kayla by KiraTheFox9999 Kayla :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 6 0 Nova by KiraTheFox9999 Nova :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 6 0 Stardust by KiraTheFox9999 Stardust :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 4 0 Lilly by KiraTheFox9999 Lilly :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 4 0 Kira by KiraTheFox9999 Kira :iconkirathefox9999:KiraTheFox9999 5 0


Noice by Destinova501 Noice :icondestinova501:Destinova501 5 2 I made another one by Destinova501 I made another one :icondestinova501:Destinova501 7 2 The dome by Destinova501 The dome :icondestinova501:Destinova501 5 2 Scarlet [Character Sheet] by Destinova501 Scarlet [Character Sheet] :icondestinova501:Destinova501 7 5 AstarithyTheDemon (Art trade) by AstarithyTheDemon AstarithyTheDemon (Art trade) :iconastarithythedemon:AstarithyTheDemon 7 10
Character Purge(More Added, OPEN)
Will Be Updated when more is added or changed
UPDATE 3: If Payment is not sent within 24 hours said character will be put back up for sale
UPDATE 2: For those who buy certain characters please save their pictures so I know who I can clear off the listing please, Thank you :)
Yeah....I'm pretty sad to do this but....unfortunately there's just some characters that I don't use, or who's plans have changed since getting them to where they won't work in my currently planned stories anymore. And I'd really like to give them a home where they'll actually be used
All Characters listed are OTA (Offer to Adopt) Which means you can offer the listed Point price (Will most likely accept), Artwork, or Characters.
And there is no limit to how many you can get, so feel free to offer up for however many you want ;)
HedgeVirus Girl: 100 :points:

(SOLD)Cute Wolf Pup: 20 :points:
:iconthesparklymisfit:TheSparklyMisfit 23 311
Human Ruby  by MikiNaki Human Ruby :iconmikinaki:MikiNaki 1 2 Human Ellie  by MikiNaki Human Ellie :iconmikinaki:MikiNaki 1 0 Human Grandma   by MikiNaki Human Grandma :iconmikinaki:MikiNaki 1 0 Human Girls 3 by MikiNaki Human Girls 3 :iconmikinaki:MikiNaki 3 4 Commission for KiraTheFox9999 by Aqua-Chan12 Commission for KiraTheFox9999 :iconaqua-chan12:Aqua-Chan12 2 2 Everybody Gets High by MlKicia Everybody Gets High :iconmlkicia:MlKicia 166 8 Indigo the robot-cat by purplelightrose Indigo the robot-cat :iconpurplelightrose:purplelightrose 12 4
commission for arriving at 140 points
Full digital drawing of 140 points
Digital sketch : 60 points
Full traditional drawing : 120 points
Traditional line art : 65 points
Sketch traditional : 45 points
Costume adopt: 100 points
To the old commissioners ,I did your drawings. I just need to send them here
:iconpurplelightrose:purplelightrose 2 11
Requests open! 3 slots FULL
Yep. More requests because i never learn my lesson XD 
Rules and stuff
You must be a watcher! (New peeps welcome but please don't unwatch me right after the request is done)
I'm usually pretty fast about this stuff but please don't get impatient if i take a while!

No NSFW content!
No fetishes! (I can't do it)
Only 2 characters per drawing!

(Optional but appreciated) Spread this journal around!
These will be half body. Examples:

:icondestinova501:Destinova501 6 21
Sapphire! by Destinova501 Sapphire! :icondestinova501:Destinova501 8 6


KiraTheFox9999 has started a donation pool!
460 / 1,000,000,000
If you're feeling kind, please donate :3 I don't really have a goal so... I'll set it high so it can go for a while xD

For commissions, adopts etc, points go here.

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Name: Abigail

Age: 31 (12 mentally)

Sex: Female

Species: Mongoose

Personality: Abigail can be very timid around people she doesn't know, but once she gets to know you, she'll be your friend forever. Due to her shyness, she hates saying no to people, and often gets pinned down with lots of tasks. She's also a bit of a neat freak.

Backstory: Abigail was born in 2032, but had several life threatening problems with her brain at birth. Her parents opted to put her into cryogenic sleep until the cure was found, which wasn't until nineteen years later, by which time her parents were getting old. She was successfully saved, and began life normally. However, when she was 26 (7), both her parents passed away of old age. However, Abigail, being an unusually knowledgable child, had fully understood the situation her parents were in, and went in search of a new place to live, eventually finding Mobius City. Niko, after meeting her in 2862, offered to let her stay in her house, as she only really used a single room. She has lived there ever since.

Special Abilities: Abigail has the power of flight, and can hover for about half an hour before becoming too exhausted to stay up. She is immune to being injured from falling.

Weakness: Despite her fall damage immunity and flight power, Abigail is terrified of heights. When floating more than ten feet up, she starts panicking, which can reduce her flight time by large amounts, sometimes even more than half.


Adopted from :iconthesparklymisfit: with huge help from :icondestinova501:! Watch both or I'll let Aqua slice me in half.

As usual, I'm joking. But watch them anyway.
tmw you resort to other peoples list of favourites to find people to commission
You know what I like?

Answering questions.

So if you have any questions about me, or any of my characters, or my profile in general, PLEASE ASK! :D
Nova is cute. So I made a bunch more. And you can buy them.

Orange: OPEN
Yellow: OPEN
Green: OPEN
Turquoise: CLOSED
Cyan: OPEN
Indigo: CLOSED
Purple: OPEN
Violet: OPEN
Magenta: OPEN

You CAN:
Give them some sick names
Give them some lit bios
Change stuff
Give them away for free

Mention me in the first drawing of them
Tell me when you give them away, and to who
Ask me about minor fetish art. Some are okay, some are not.

Sell them
Draw major fetish art of them
Draw NSFW/gore art of them

They're about 6 inches tall.
They're all female. Cuz thats how I roll.
The base was provided by :icondestinova501:
You know what I like?

Answering questions.

So if you have any questions about me, or any of my characters, or my profile in general, PLEASE ASK! :D


KiraTheFox9999's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Haii! You found me! Welcome to my profile!

I'm an aspiring artist and writer. Sixteen years old, British, and taken. Do I like my life? Ehhhhhhhh...

You can find me on Discord at @ NOVA#1794 - I love making friends!

I also love my characters way too much. Like... WAY TOO MUCH. HELP.

Anyway, thats pretty much all you need to know about me. Aside from the fact that I'm a complete asshole.

Check these people out, or I'll flush myself down a toilet.
:icondestinova501: :iconmikinaki: :iconsplotchdrawz: :iconswirl2: :iconpineapplegem: :iconkyra5469:

Have fun exploring my profile!

How much are you looking forward to Season 2 Volume 2 and Season 3? 

2 deviants said I don't read the series.
No deviants said Ew. The first 20 parts sucked, I doubt the rest will be better.
No deviants said Eh... I'm pretty sure you're just using the most random ideas now.
No deviants said Could be interesting.
No deviants said Just follow what you want to do.
No deviants said Yeah, if you have a whole plot for S3, I want to know about it!
No deviants said YES! I love this series!


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